Italian Style Crispy Prosciutto BLT

Italian Style Crisp Prosciutto BLT

Basil Aioli

2 tbsp. Mayo

4 Basil Leaves

¼ tsp. Black Pepper 

For the Tortilla

4 slices of prosciutto

1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 ½ tsp. Balsamic

1 Cup Baby Arugula

1 Tomato – sliced thinly

4 Slices of Fresh Mozzarella

2 large Tortillas

Preheat your panini maker.  If you don’t have one you can use a skillet sprayed with non stick spray.

In a small food processor mix all of the aioli ingredients until well blended. In a skillet. Spray skillet lightly with a non stick spray.  Cook the prosciutto until it is crispy.  About three minutes on each side. Once cooked, drain on a piece of paper towel.

Mix the arugula with the olive oil and balsamic.

To assemble the tortilla….slice a line through the tortilla from the middle of the tortilla straight down to it’s edge, dividing it into 4 quarters  On the bottom left place some mozzarella and tomatoes on the bottom left portion. Above it put 2 slices of the crispy prosciutto. Add half of the arugula salad to the top right, followed by the aioli on the bottom right.  

To fold start at the bottom right(tomato/mozzarella section) and fold upward.  Then fold over to the right.  Then fold down. Press on the panini maker for about 3 minutes and serve.

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