Tomato Salad

This delicious Mediterranean Tomato Salad. It is a staple in my home in the warm summer months.  Trust me once you try it it will become on in your home too. The ingredients are simple, fresh and healthy.

I hope you will try it.  

Tomato Salad

(Serves 5)



1/2 Cup Olive Oil, plus more for topping

1 tsp. Italian Spice Blend, I use Teresa’s Tuscan Spice

2 tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tsp Salt, you can add more if you like it saltier


4 oz Red Onion, Sliced 

1.5 Lbs Tomatoes. Cut

11 oz. Cucumber, Slice in Half Moons

1 Small Green Pepper, Julienned

6 oz. Feta, Sliced


Soak the red onion in some ice water for about 15 minutes.. This will make it less pungent and easier to digest.

In a bowl combine the olive oil, Italian spice, red wine vinegar and salt.  Whisk well.

To a separate bowl add the fresh tomatoes, cucumber and green pepper.  Drain and pat the onions dry and add them to the bowl as well.  Combine with the dressing and top with sliced feta and a drizzle of olive oil. Serve

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