Caprese Heart Skewers

These Caprese Heart Skewers are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  They are easy to do, delicious and the presentation is on point.  This recipe is part of my Valentine’s Day at home menu.  It is the appetizer!  Trust me your amore will love it.

The spice used in the dressing is Teresa’s Tuscan Spice Blend.  It is currently available on my online shop.  It is an incredible spice that is so versatile.  It’s Mediterranean flavors make it perfect on salads, sandwiches, fish, meat and more! Ingredients below

Caprese Heart Skewers

(Serves 2 for Valentine’s Day)

6 Grape Tomatoes

6 Basil Leaves, Sliced down the middle

6 Ciliegine Mozzarella (cherry size small mozzarella balls)

1 Small Focaccia Piece, Cut into small Cubes

6 Skewers, 3 inches Long

3 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbsp. Balsamic

½ Tsp. Italian Spice Blend, I use Teresa’s Tuscan Spice


For each tomato….Chop a small part off the top of the tomato diagonally. Place the tomato flat side down on the cutting board and cup straight down the center. Lie the flat pieces down, separate, turn each piece counter clockwise.  Push the pieces together to form a heart.

Next make the skewers.  Run the skewer through the heart tomatoes.  Add the basil, the mozzarella balls, more basil and the focaccia.

Arrange on a platter and make the dressing.  In a bowl combine olive oil, balsamic and an Italian spice blend.  Mix well.  Serve

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