Can a cocktail be more festive….this Ornamentini is sure to wow your guests.  It is easy to do and so fun at the same time. 

I got these cute ornaments on Amazon.  They are actually called booze balls. If you can’t find these balls you can use regular clear Christmas ornaments.

Recipe – 

Makes 2- 4 oz. booze balls (ornament)drinks

3 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Cointreau

1 oz. Simple Syrup 

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

Fresh Rosemary and Cranberries for Garnish

Martini Glass

Combine all ingredients in a shaker over ice and shake well.  Using a funnel placed in the top of the ornament, pour in the drink.  Place the ornament in a martini glass and garnish with rosemary and cranberries.  You can make the drinks and put them into the ornaments in advance. Assemble the ornaments in the martini glass before serving.

Note…when I make simple syrup I make it sweet.  1 Cup Sugar and ½ Cup water.  In a pot bring to a simmer until the sugar dissolves and starts to slightly thicken.

Also, if you cant find the booze balls, you can use regular clear ornaments.  Make them in advance and store them in a cupcake holder in the refrigerator so they don’t roll around.

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