Prosecco Sangria

Prosecco Sangria is an easy summertime cocktail that is so easy to make.  Muddle up some sugar with lemon and strawberries, add the prosecco and your favorite fruits and that’s it.  It is such a pretty drink too. So, it is perfect for summertime get togethers or even a fun brunch!

Salute Everyone!!!

Prosecco Sangria

Makes 4 Drinks

1 750ML – Prosecco

1 Lemon – Sliced Thinly

2 Tbsp. Fine Sugar

5 Strawberries – Sliced plus a few more for garnish

½ Cup of Raspberries

½ Cup Blackberries

2 Kiwi Sliced

12 Grapes and 4 small skewer- 3 grapes per skewer (optional)

Mint for Garnish

For the cocktail…Put the lemon and sugar in a pitcher and muddle.  Add the strawberries and muddle some more.  Add the prosecco.  Then add in the raspberries, the blackberries and the kiwi.  Pour into a glass with ice and garnish with strawberries and some mint. You can put some grapes on skewers too for garnish. If you don’t have the skewers you can slice the grapes in half and add them to the sangria as well.  

Serve Immediately.


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