Limoncello is an Italian lemon liquor that can be used in everything from cocktails to baking or simply by itself. I love it shaken with a little bit of ice!!!

Italians believe it helps with digestion, so it is often seen after a meal. 

It’s surprisingly easy to make. It just takes a little patience. But trust me it’s worth it. 

This recipe makes a very large batch of limoncello. I would suggest that you make the full recipe, but if you want, you can cut it in half.  I like to make large batches because I like to give it out as a gift.

🍋Limoncello Recipe🍋

(Makes about 47 cups of Limoncello)

2 – 1 Gallon Mason Jars, With sealed lids

42 Organic Lemons, Washed thoroughly 

19 Cups Grain Alcohol

16 Cups Sugar 

26 1/2 Cups Water 

Peel the lemons. Make sure you only separate the yellow part and not the white. Divide the lemons equally in between the two jars (about 21 lemon peels in a jar). Pour 9.5 cups of grain alcohol in each jar with the lemon peel. Store in a dry area with no sunlight and let it rest for at least two weeks. Don’t throw out the peeled lemons. I like to slice the actual lemon into thin slices and store them in the freezer to use at a later time.  I put them in my water to give it flavor and make it cold. 

After macerating them lemons for a few weeks, it is time to make the sugar water to combine with the alcohol. In a large pot, put the sugar and water.  On a low flame heat the mixture until the sugar is dissolved and let it cool slightly. Meanwhile, strain the lemons from the alcohol.  Then add the lemon alcohol to the sugar water. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is at this time that you want to taste the mixture.  If it is too strong for you, make and add more sugar water (a little at a time), until the desired flavor is achieved.

Then, using a funnel, put the limoncello in bottles and chill for at least two hours and it is ready to serve. 🍋

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