Frozen Aperol Spritz

Frozen Aperol Spritz (Make 3 Cocktails ) 

This Frozen Aperol Spritz is just an amazing cocktail for this time of year when you just need a cocktail to cool off from the heat.  It is easy to do, simply freeze some OJ with Aperol in ice cube trays.  They make the spritz in a blender, garnish and serve.  You can make a large amount of cubes to have on hand in your freezer, so you can enjoy this cocktail all summer long!


12 oz. Aperol

12 oz. Fresh Orange juice

6 oz. Prosecco, Chilled

6 oz. Club Soda, Chilled

Orange slices and Mint for Garnish


Combine the orange juice and Aperol and freeze in ice cube trays for at least 4 hours.  

Once the cubes are frozen, it is time to make the cocktail.. For one drink, in a CHILLED blender combine 8 cubes, 2 oz. prosecco and 2 oz of club soda.   

Blend and serve immediately in a CHILLED glass with an orange slice and a sprig of mint for garnish.

Repeat this process if you want to make all three servings

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