Potato and Egg Frittata Sandwich

Potato and Egg Frittata Sandwich…lets bring back this classic dish for one second and relish in the memories.  This delicious frittata was a staple growing up in my house.  My grandparents would often make it for lunch with a side salad or even for dinner with some soup.

I love to make it a quick meal and serve on top of crusty Italian bread with melted mozzarella.

I hope you will try it.  Just the smell of it brings me back to so many great memories.

Potato & Egg Frittata Sandwich (Serves 6)


3 Potatoes, peeled and cubed 

4 Tbsp. Olive Oil, plus more to brush the bread with

10 Eggs, beaten 

½ Cup Grated Pecorino Romano

1 Tsp. Salt

1 Tsp. Pepper

8 Slices Fresh Mozzarella

1 Loaf of Crusty Italian Bread


Preheat the oven to 400.

In a 10 inch frying pan, heat up the olive oil. 

Add the potatoes and fry them up until golden brown and cooked through.

In a bowl put the beaten eggs, the grated cheese, salt and pepper. Mix well. 

Once the potatoes are cooked, remove from the pan and put into the egg mixture. 

Remove most of the excess oil and pour the egg mixture back in the pan. Cook on low until the bottom half of the frittata is almost cooked thru. Then cover the top of the pan with a plate the same size. Flip the frittata onto the plate gently. Slide the frittata off the plate back into the pan and return to the stove to finish cooking. 

Next, slice Italian bread down the middle and put on a parchment lined baking dish.  

Brush with olive oil and place the sliced mozzarella on top of both sides of the bread.  Get in the oven and cook for about 10 minutes, until the bread is toasted and the mozzarella is melted.  

Remove from the oven and put slices of the frittata on the bread to make a sandwich.  Serve.

Recipe Note… this can be done with different vegetables as well. For example you can do zucchini and eggs, or even red peppers and eggs.

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