Turkey BLT Pinwheels

A great back to school (make ahead) lunch are these Turkey BLT Pinwheels. I love to make my kids lunch ahead of time, meaning the day before, and these are perfect for that. 

Not only are these great for the kids, but they are awesome for football Sundays and meal prep.   

Turkey BLT Pinwheels

2-10 Inch Wraps- About 20 Pinwheels

1 tbsp. Pesto – See my recipe for this or use store bought

4 oz. Cream Cheese – room temp

3 Slices of Bacon -Cooked and broken into bits

14 Slices of Honey Turkey 

6 Slices of Provolone 

2 to 3 Pieces of Leafy Lettuce

6 Slice of Tomato  

Lay a wrap on a flat surface.  In a small bowl mix your pesto with the cream cheese. Spread half the mixture over the top of one of the wraps.  Sprinkle half the bacon bits over the cream cheese mixture. Lay seven slices of the turkey in a single layer over the wrap. Place 3 pieces of the provolone in a single layer down the middle of the wrap. Do the same with lettuce and 3 slices of tomato.  Starting from the bottom of the wrap , roll tightly (going upwards) and cover in saran wrap. Do the same procedure with the second wrap. Put into the refrigerator for two hours. Take it out of the refrigerator and slice into 1 inch pinwheels. Quick note…you can make these a day in advance. If you need to keep them any longer in your refrigerator eliminate the tomato because they tend to release water and it will make your wrap too soggy.  Each wrap will make about two lunch servings, depending on how big of an eater your child is. 

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