Stromboli with Italian Meats

Stromboli (Makes 3 Loaves)

Stromboli are stuffed Italian breads.  Growing up our family called this ReRe’s Breads.  ReRe was my late great aunt Marie, and these breads were her specialty.  One of my favorite memories as a kid was making these with her. When I was a young kid she lived down the block from me in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. She would take me to the Italian market and we would go to the deli section. She would always ask for “the ends” of the meat. “The ends” were hard to cut into nice slices, so basically they could not be sold. So, for ReRe this was a score because she basically got “the ends” for free or a discounted price and she loved a good deal. Sometimes if she couldn’t get the cold cuts she would stuff her breads with escarole and olives, other times she would do spinach and mozzarella. Regardless of what she put in these breads they were spectacular. So you can definitely be creative with the ingredients.


¾ lb. Genoa Salami, Sliced thinly and chopped

1 lb. Sweet Sopressata, Sliced thinly and chopped 

1 lb Hot Sopressata, Sliced thinly and chopped

1 lb. Low Moisture Mozzarella, Diced into tiny cubes

3/4 lb. Provolone, Sliced thinly and chopped

3 Pizza Doughs (about 1 ½ lbs each) 

1 egg, beaten

 ¾ Cups Sesame Seeds


Preheat your oven to 375°. Line 3 large baking sheets with parchment paper. Chop all of the meats and cheeses, put in a bowl and combine well. Roll out the pizza dough like you would a pizza. It will be about a 20 inch diameter. Starting about one inch in from either side of the dough and two inches from the bottom, take some of the meat mixture and put it in a line(going left to right). Using two hands take the dough and flip/roll it once going upwards. Do another line of meats and cheese on the dough and roll/flip the dough upwards again. Do this until you have a loaf. There should be about 2 inches of unstuffed dough remaining at the top.  Bring it over the top of the bread and try to tuck it under the loaf. Cut off any excess dough (at both ends-about 1 inch on either side). Using the back of a fork, push down the edges of both sides to avoid any cheese from oozing out when baking. Place the loaf on the pan. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle each loaf with sesame seeds.  Bake for about 50 minutes. 

These breads can be made ahead of time and frozen in freezer safe bags. 

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