Antipasto Wreath

Antipasto Skewer Wreath…need an easy appetizer for the holidays? I got you covered.  This antipasto is not only festive, but it is easy to make and delicious.  Your guests will love it.  Plus you can substitute any antipasto ingredients of your choice.  I sometimes even do mini artichoke hearts on mine.  Use your imagination. Oh and I got all the ingredients at Greenlawn Farms.  They have an incredible selection of all antipasto items, including amazing cheeses and meats.  Recipe below 

30- 3 inch Skewers

1 pt. Cherry Tomatoes – Halved

5 oz.  Green Olives – pitted

8 oz. Pearl Mozzarella Balls

3 oz. Salami- Sliced thin

7 oz. Pitted Black Olives

10 Inch Round Plate

Rosemary for Garnish

Take one of each of the ingredients and put on the skewer.  Arrange the skewers around the perimeter of the plate.  Do one layer of skewers, then another to form a wreath.  Garnish with rosemary to make it look more like a wreath! The skewers can be made a day in advance and stored in an airtight container.  Assemble the wreath before serving.  I even like to drizzle some balsamic reduction and olive oil on them!

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