Prosecco Sangria WIth Frozen Grape Ice Skewers 

Makes 4 Drinks

1 750ML – Prosecco

1 Lemon – Sliced Thinly

2 Tbsp. Fine Sugar

5 Strawberries – Sliced plus a few more for garnish

½ Cup of Raspberries

½ Cup Blackberries

2 Kiwi Sliced

Mint for Garnish


For the cocktail…Put the lemon and sugar in a pitcher and muddle.  Add the strawberries and muddle some more.  Add the prosecco.  Then add in the raspberries, the blackberries and the kiwi.  Pour into a glass with ice and garnish with strawberries, some mint, the grape ice skewers and mint.


Serve Immediately

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