🍋Limoncello Recipe🍋

1 gallon ball jar

14 lemons 

61/3 cups of grain alcohol

5 cups sugar 

6 ½ cups of water 


Peel the lemons. Make sure you only separate the yellow part, not the white. Put all the lemon peels in a gallon ball jar and pour the grain alcohol over them. Store in a dry area with no sunlight and let it rest for two weeks. 

After macerating it is time to make the sugar water to combine with the alcohol. In a pan put the sugar and water.  On a low flame heat the mixture until the sugar is dissolved. Meanwhile, strain the lemons from the alcohol and combine with the sugar water. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is at this time that you want to taste the mixture.  If it is too strong for you, make and add more sugar water (a little at a time), until the desired flavor is achieved.

Using a funnel, put the limoncello in bottles and chill for at least two hours and it is ready to serve. 🍋

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