Hot Cocoa Bombs


Items needed:

¼ inch paint brush or a small spoon

Hot Cocoa

Good quality chocolate-cut up very fine in slivers 2 cups plus

Mini Marshmallows 


Hot cocoa Bomb Mold (Amazon)

Microwave bowl

Candy thermometer



Microwave chocolate in the microwave in 15 second increments until all melted.  Keep the temperature between 88-90 F.  Brush chocolate into the molds or spoon chocolate into molds. Refrigerate 5 min. Take out and brush molds with chocolate again.  Refrigerate 10 min. Remove chocolate from the molds. Add approximately 1 ½ tsp of hot cocoa and a few marshmallows.  Put other chocolate mold on top and seal the seams with melted chocolate. Drizzle chocolate on top of each shell and decorate with sprinkles.

Tip:Watch youtube videos on how to make these. Makes it much easier to learn.

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