Cookies and Cream No Churn Gelato with Nutella Swirls



14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk

2 tbsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp salt

2 cups of heavy cream

15 Oreo Cookies – Crushed up into crumbs

Nutella Swirl

¾ Cups Nutella

½ Cup Heavy Cream

1 tbsp. Corn Syrup




First make the Nutella swirl. Put the nutella in a small bowl.  Heat the heavy cream and corn syrup to a simmer.  Pour over the Nutella and let it sit for about 5 to 6 minutes.  Then whisk!

In the meantime, make the gelato. Place a 9 inch metal loaf pan in the freezer for one hour.  


Whisk together sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and salt.   Set aside.  In a metal bowl with a stand mixer and whisk attachment, whisk the heavy cream for 2 minutes until stiff peaks form.  Fold one cup of whipping cream into the sweetened condensed milk, then add the remaining whipped cream folding in. Next fold in the oreos. Pour ⅓ of the gelato mix into the cold loaf pan.  Drizzle the nutella (about ⅓ of the swirl as well) into the loaf pan.  Repeat this process.  Cover and freeze for at least 8 hours.

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